Being Tickety-Boo



The Batcave/ workshop is now OPEN, following lockdown. We use social distancing and consult outside, in the yard, or with masks. We want to keep you and ourselves safe and happy. No licking, no smooching etc. of humans. Much squeezing of furniture is fully approved!


Hello there, you clever person, who is thinking of doing up your furniture. You've come to the right place.

You have landed at Tickety Boo Upholstery. We use modern and traditional techniques to re-cover and revive all sorts of furniture. If it's got fabric and a bit of stuffing, well, we're your people.

If you have a beloved piece of furniture we can re-cover it or re-build its saggy bottom or scruffy arms, zhushh cushions and offer fabric recommendations. We have over twenty years of experience in domestic and commercial upholstery. Free estimates and advice are always available. We're based in Bristol, in BS5. You are welcome to come to the Batcave to see us in action, carefully not sewing our fingers to cushions etc. Resisting the eternal allure of the biscuit tin. You get the idea.

The more observant amongst you will have noticed we have some furniture and furnishings for sale. These are projects which make us happy. Our homes are FULL so they are up for sale so they can make you happy too. Or at least give the cat something to ruin.

We do our best thinking sitting down. On something Tickety-Boo. How about you?