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Blushing Ercol


Classic Ercol 477 (I think), Double Bend Low Back Easy Chair.

The 1965 Ercol Catalogue describes this as, wait for it... "This generously proportioned easy chair is especially popular with the ladies. Exceptionally comfortable, yet light to move around." Well. I don't know about you, but I think this beauty might even work for MEN. And cats. Let's not forget about the cats.

This vintage bentwood chair has been re-sprayed in shade just shy of black (think 'Downpipe'-ish). There's brand new pirelli webbing slinging the fresh Blush-coloured short-pile velvet foam seat cushion. Included are a feather-filled back cushion in the same pink, plus a guest scatter in vintage floral with green exposed zipper.

Delivery free in Bristol and nearby. Elsewhere by arrangement. I've used Shiply before- with extremely mixed results. You are also welcome to visit to the workshop in Easton and check it out. Also very happy to take out of the webshop if you want try before you buy. The website doesn't offer any flexibility on delivery. Shipping will be listed at nil until we sort it out between ourselves.

Approx dimensions: Height 83cm, max width at arms 72 cm, depth (front to back) 87cm.

Full disclosure- the paintwork is not perfect- but the exposed parts, especially the arms, are beautiful and glossy. If you're interested in its flaws I'm happy to send you warts-and-all snaps. And, let's be honest, the flaws are what make someone, ahem, I mean, something unique. Am I projecting here? Possibly. It's still an AWESOME one-of-a-kind at a total bargain price as we need space in the workshop for Brexit Bunker emergency supplies.

Support your local independents. This hand sanitiser won't pay for itself, people.